The literature of quarantine: love in lockdown Chloe james 2020

Love in lockdown is a romance novel, written by the author Fiona Woodifield, during the quarantine of 2020. 

About the author 

Although there isn’t much of an information about the author, despite the impact of her family on her, while writing this novel. Fiona, being a mother of a kidney-disease son,  daughters, one of them is Autistic, another who enjoys hanging out, and doing activities outdoors. 

On a different level, my family has had it’s own struggles and difficulties, especially with two of my daughter’s having major health conditions, the eldest of whom is also autistic and was without diagnosis for many years, resulting in an eating disorder

Every characteristic of her family reflects on her fictional characters. 

My other favourite when my daughter’s health conditions flare up or things are really tough is Pride and Prejudice. Once when I was in hospital with my eldest after renal surgery, really struggling to sleep on a busy ward, I drifted away to the familiar audio-recording of Jane Austen’s famous words. They are so comforting and brought the familiar to the scarily unfamiliar.

The main herion Sophie, is a reference of her daughter’s health condition. Jack, the kindey disease character, is a representations of Fiona’s son, and his outgoing ex, is an inspiration of fiona’s daughter. 

The story & the main themes 

The first impression that the title, and the cover is making, indicates something to do with online dating, or something relating to the application of the concept of love, on the age of lockdown. Despite all of those initial impression, the actual plot, and the headlines focuses on a more of a love story, that evolves between two niberhous, through out their balcony’s chats, without any of its parties seeing each others, during the lock down. 

if we think about helping someone else, it can take our mind off how sad and worried we might be feeling about ourselves or our families and give us a warm sense of giving

Beside the main theme of this novel; which is romance, the novel captures the impact of the lockdown on mental health, the feeling of solitude, isolation, detachment, toxic inner critic of feeling worthless or our chalanged sense of making a contribution on the society, and how all of those inner mumbling, if not will ordinated, it will lead to self destruction, only that genuine creativity which contains of such acts, like  social working and volunteering, can keep us sane, and that’s another main theme of the novel.

Do love can exist throughout lockdown?

We have had an astonishing stories throughout history, about love stories which had evolved throughout distances, and only by permeative tools(letter, autographs, etc), Franz Kafka, and his beloving Melina, two poets, yet those tools are not really that different from our modern technology nowadays.

 But the question is, does love actually exists throughout lockdown? Sure that having an emotional connection, and an intimate vulnerable healthy bond with someone, to securely being attached to others, throughout giving and receiving emotional support, and verbal ventilation, is one part of loving, and being loved in return. But it also faces a lot of limitations, when it comes to being present, and providing quality time, or a present act of service, which limits the effencity of this love experience, and every story has it’s rules, and its modality, and this novel is another story of that. 


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