Violet Evergarden: The Movie, 2020

Oh Violet, what have you done to us! I’ve heard everyone clogged their nose in the cinema while watching the movie. They either cry once or twice in different senses, without much of spoilers of the movie.

Violet Overgarden: The Movie, is the continuous movie of the 13th long episodes series, which mostly shows a kind of discrete stories of different people, and their relationship with writing letters and expressing their emotions. The series discusses a couple numbers of themes and messages, that will be covered in this article.

The Background Story:

The movie tells the story of the female protagonist who was brought up early on, during her childhood as a weapon tool. She has only to follow the orders and the instructions, without much delays or refusal. Later on, she ran for her life from a misfortune battle, while obeying those orders that she has received from the Major who was taking care of her since she was a kid. She continued her life, later on, carrying with her the same discipline, and the soldier-like attitude, during her work as a typewriter, or which termmenly known within the set of the series, as “doll”.

The nectar of affection, under the very misfortunate state of war:

Love has always been one of the basic and most important human needs, according to many of the psychologist and the biologist since the very beginning of the human civilization.

Famous love stories over the world has never been absent, even under the role of the war. The famous Cleopatra and Antony love tragedy was set upon the conflict between the Egyptian and the Roman Empires. Hemingway’s famous novel; A Farewell to Arms, is a stunning example of a love story, that takes time and space during the Italian campaign of World War I.

The hypotheses of the movie otherwise, adopt a whole different approach, of which that the protagonist has no access at all of her emotions, nor she even understood the very basic of human needs; love. She’s at a state of self-denial, sort of things, where she has no ego, nor any personal priority what so ever towards any personal values, nor she prioritize anything else but her work.

Regardless of that, Violet continues her life, daydreaming the last memories she spends with her Major, on the battlefield. The last words of his to her were “I love you” internally repeats in Violet’s unconscious mind, where she’s trying to figure the meaning of those words out.

Writing, as an emotional organ 

What differentiates between humans, and corps, on a dystopian, science fictional reality of which Project Iron has created, is that humans have the privilege of writing. The written words, according to Itoh, are more profound evidence of the human consequences that differentiate between humans, and deadly moving bodies, aka zombies.

The series seems to give so many credits to the act of writing and expressing one’s emotions to their loved ones, after their death. Through writing, we can unlock uncounted amounts of unexpressed emotions and unorganized ones. We can express our gratitude towards our loved ones, along with our regrets and admitting one’s mistakes. The series seems to will applied that element.


During the movie, we see a great deal of Violet’s emotional intelligence getting developed and sharpen. Although Violet evolving of emotions is quite happening in the shadow of haunting memories of nostalgia. On the other hand, we see various representations of people expressing their emotions to their loved ones, and we witness a quite of a happy ending for both sides. The movie ends with the phrase “I love you” which encourages the audience to express their emotions.

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