Mary Shelley, a fate so colored by liberty & death

It’s impressive seeing all the literature movements which evolved during the 18th century, so connected and effected by the cultural aspects, the French Revolution, the Romanticism and Gothic movements , as well as the scientific aspect, which leads to so many great conquests.

Faust was far one of the famous work during this period, and many writers seems to find themselves inspired by the story, added to most famous Gothic writer such as Edgar Allan Poe, in the 80s.

Gothic literature seems to be developed during the end of the 70s by the famous female writer Ann Radcliffe (1764–1823), who was mostly writing about dark romance, and whose mostly known for her work The Mysteries of Udolpho’ (1794), and ‘The Italian’ (1797)

Female writers were highly involved on the filed of writing romance and dark gothic works, during that era, such as Jane Austin, Bronte, Mary Alcot, and finally and most important, the godmother of Frankenstein; Marry Shelly, and her legacy behind her was far really varied from science fictions novels to short stories to memories, and travel and journeys books.

What seems really interesting in her works is how colored it is by her own projections and a kind of a synchronicity she experiences, whither if that was by her  life tragedy, or her wild vivid imagination, and the inspiration it visits her in her dream.

She was the child of two famous writer, a feminist philosopher Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797) and anarchist Willam Godwin, but was that the pride of her family, is it the role of their genes that really played a big part of the story, or it is a self-made effort? That what will be discussed on this article. 

A family tree, so colored by liberty and death.  

Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797), was a daughter of seven children for one of the family in England. They were financially stable, not for too long when they moved out to a farm due to their financial crisis. Her father was abusing her mother, by beating her when he is drank, and so she lines between him and her mother for not doing so. She stands for her sisters whose marriage was misfortune due to her husband’s abuse. Mary grew up supporting herself since very young age; by writing an analytical reviews, as well as standing out for women’s rights, and standing for her sick mother whom died when she was 18.

Mary Wollstonecraft was supported by her favorite friend whom has she helped her and they lived together, and whom Mary latter named her first daughter over her best friend’s name; Faany, who was her daughter from the American journalist Gilbert Imlay (1754-1828), whom she knew him during her resistance on france during French Revolution.

 Mary speaks out loud and she broke down the taboos of women’s stereotypical sensibility and modesty, she attacked the institution of marriage, as well as the fatherhood authorities. She debated Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s principles about women education.

Later on when she married  Willam Godwin, who was fond of his wife that he wrote her a biography, that was the case of destroying her reputation, he was later raised by her father, along with her half-sister.

Willam was ill-equipped, and he faced some of the challenges a single father faced from two noisy children, while his works as a writer and a philosopher requires him silence and solitude, and there, after 4 years of paying a housekeeper; a nurse, he later married his second wife; Mary Jane Vial, who has two children of her own, one if them is Claire Clairmont, and he later has a child of his own William Godwin the Younger (1803-1832).

The Godwin household became an increasingly uncomfortable place to live as tensions rose and debts mounted, around the sisters and their stepmother, who favored her own children on others on a term, yet she wasn’t treating Claire properly as well.

Fanny was unaware of her origins that she’s an illegitimate daughter, until she was 12. Willam was concerned about the education of his children, that he asked Lady Mountcashell her advice on how to raise and educate his daughters, and his daughter Mary was mostly  believed by Willam’s biographical writers that Mary has being taught in a way of which her mother would have approved.

Fanny doesn’t got any further education, or a formal one after Willam’s marriage. The tension grew and fulfilled the house, their financial status was critical, that their father turned into the filed of children books to take care to his family, along with his wife, together started “Juvenile Library” to take care of the family’s financial. 

Romanticist adventures, Lucid dreams and synchronicity

In a household full of tension and conflicts, the young 16 years old Mary, with her half-sister Claire, has ran away with the romanticist poet Percy Shelly.

Mary and Claire escaped in 1814, with a poet Percy Shelly, although Willam has many concerns about the poet, who was married to a woman, later committed suicide when she knew her husband has run away with another woman, added to Mary’s father concerns about Shelly’s bad influence over his daughters, that soon happens. 

Sci-Fic, Gothic Features, And The End Of The World Appoclypes

Percy was openly out about his religious opinions, of which cause lots of hustle-bustle among the religious men. He was also fond of chemistry, alchemist, and the effect of Faust was on fire back in the days. Percy and his fellow friends, who were having the same interests as him, has a huge effect on Mary. One day during a picnic of theirs, everyone came up with a new fictional gothic story, except Mary who hasn’t any. Later on, she dreamt a dream, that was the inspiration of Franknsitne, who far was known as a German scientists.

Marriage Tragedy, Widowhood, and grief

There’s so many death that surrounds Mary’s life, first her mother, the suicide attempt of her half-sister, the ex-wife of her husband, her husband himself, and her children as well. Mary wrote the novel, Matilda, as a form of autobiography of her own experience of the tragedy of the death of her child. Mary and her husband have run into fights and arguments, and the novel Matilda, which was set within a gothic set of elements. The novel was written to Percy, as an apology, or was Mary’s way of expressing her grief and sorrow. She describes a young matelida, that was all alone growing up, yet she was so full of joy and pleasure with the company of her dear friend, which can refer to as Mary’s partner.

loneliness and soultied

After the tragic death of her husband, Mary counties her life as a lonely widow in Bath. Her father never liked her husband in the first place, and the society back in the days has just left her abandonment for her lonesome and her solitude.

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