The Nowadays Approach To V For Vendetta

Now is the best time among all the time before to reconsider what art, such as movies, novels and video games has podcast to us about pandemic and the biological weapons through the entertaining media, as we discussed Resident Evil and the biological weapons on a previous article. We will go on this article and discuss a work that has discussed the issue of power and biological experiences and weapons at the same time.

V For Vendetta as predictable model of nowadays events

V For Vendetta is a graphic novel, or a comic book that has been first published on 1984, the comic was both written by David Lloyd and the famous Jewish anarchist Alan Moore, who tend to has lots of takes on the political system that his country was run by during the candidate of Thatcher, whose better known as the Iron Lady, for the biography film that has been directed by “Phyllida Lloyd” that has named her as such.

V For Vendetta tends to discuss many themes from the famous gunpowder rebellion that has been led by Guy Fox, to the surveillance cities, to the violence against queer people, and last but not the least the political usage of biological experiences and weapons. Alan on this comic had reminded us of what happened once to the Jew on the Holocaust. He also has reminded us of how the Nazis where like back on the days on German, it seems to me as if Alan was calling for both political and a social revolution of what he wished to his country to be like, and almost 40 years later the world tend to stand out for a social and political justice both on the history of “Stonewall Inn” and for the stands out of “Black Live Matters”

On politicizing the science

One of the important views on the novel that we well point it out here on this article is the politicizing of science. The famous French philosopher Michel Foucault has devoted a big part of his philosophy on the matter of the power and knowledge and how that knowledge can be controlled and politicized by certain people in specific. He come across psychology and nuclear science in particular, but we can count uncertain amount of fields that can be applied on the same exact principle as well, and that goes from thr meat industry, the usage of calculus on the capitalism economy, and the mathematical formula that has killed many people and so on. We are going to talk about the biological organic experiences in specific and its history.

The Eugenics and on the aiming for better race

Eugenics as a term was first invented by Sir Francis Galton on 1883 and was highly supported by many politicians, scientists and philosophers like Bertrand Russel or Huskily. The main goal of The Yogini was to decrease the number of incapable, poor, and needed people, on compare to the rich wealthy one, and so that ideologist has been applied to many terrifying parchments such as the  holocaust.   

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