Stan Lee’s Super Con & Anime Expo

The Entertainment Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia organized for the first time since the launching of its activities, the Anime Expo, which is a famous exhibition exhibition for the anime world, famous in the United States of America, and held annually for four days since 1991. The Authority also organized the Stan Lee’s Super Con exhibition, in honor of the late American writer , And former director of Marvel Comics providing comic bookstores and hosts of various artists, editors and illustrators of the Marvel and DC world heroes.

The exhibition activities lasted for three consecutive days, and the events brought together the Republican discourse of artists, performers, and audiences of all ages and electronic arcades.


The general theme of the Anime Expo was the introductory anime paintings of the most important studios in this field.


The theme also focused specifically on the anime attacking the giants, as giant balloons have spread to the characters of this anime, as well as a mini exhibition dedicated to the manga attached to an exhibition in which a mini environment of the houses and figures of this anime was presented, and a virtual reality experience for the world of this anime. The exhibition also contained the famous AI store that provides various anime belongings From solids and others, a restaurant serving Japanese cuisine.

What is related to the general theme of Stan Lee Super Con exhibition was the stage in which the singers perform their performances in the middle of the exhibition, as well as things closely related to Western culture, such as the car taken from the movie Back to the Future and Batman’s car and Iron Man motorcycle, and allocated a corner that was quoted from One of the episodes of the famous series Stranger Things, the exhibition also hosted a representative of The Walking Dead, and the signature sessions for the artists and actors were ongoing.

Among the stores in the exhibition was the online store, which provides various youth shirts with modern graphics from movies and cartoons.

There was also a Comic Connect store, which provides rare copies of the oldest comics.

Also, the exhibition hosted the Choice Collectibles store, which provided visitors with a unique visual experience by providing the best artworks for different contemporary pop culture.

And finally, the “misty mountain gaming” store, which provided the famous table game belongings of Dangoun and Dragons, from dices made of various materials such as wood, plastic, metal, bags and books of real leather!

On the other hand, organizing the effectiveness of this exhibition was distinguished by its focus on the main theater programs, as the exhibition hosted either Anime Expo or Stan Lee’s Super con on the various programs it presents to the attendees, as the Anime Expo exhibition hosted many singing groups that performed the opening ceremonies of the famous as the linked Horizon group Which led the editorial attack of the Giants, the Flow squad which performed several anime editorials such as Naruto or Fairy Tail, and the cast and show shows. Meanwhile, Stan Lee’s Super con Exhibition Theater hosted the famous Finnish actor Mads Nicholson and held workshops for Cosplay Custom.

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