Punk And the Social Rebellion

What is exactly punk? It’s quite tricky differentiating between numbers of genres of music, including punk, which was for too long confusingly classified as a genre of rock music, when in reality the two genres hold different visions and different mechanics.

I watched a documentary about Punk. It was a genre of music which was formed back on the late 1970s, although it’s not quite popular nowadays, despite the fact that one of the famous singers in the field said that punk will never die; because there will be always angry kids in their room cursing.

The tagic, dramatic and ironic fate of punk

The whole movement of punk music started when everything was so missed up politically in The United States. New York was badly damaged and there were no rules around about how things must be. Therefore, it was easier for musicians to invent their own rules and to discover themselves, and that how punk singers seem to establishes their visions.

Many bands have been found in New York back then when New York wasn’t in its best time. Many bands have been found not because of their desire of being famous or having money, but because they wanted company and many people get influenced by different bands back then, where youth created themselves bands, and other youths started thinking that they look alike to those singers as well, which got them creating their band as well, so New York wasn’t really giving youth a lot of options to do and yet they have nothing to lose.

Oddly enough, many bands get bonded with different members who have been discovered in different levels at the time, the kid in the high school with his long hair and his cigarettes and that look in his eye, the dude whom women were always around him, the bass player who was highly talented and they decided to join him to the band. The story behind every band starts with teens wild kids in high school to famous singers of punk and rock and roll.

Many bands decided to take action on the political movement changes such as MC5. They were so brave when they decided to go to Chicago when things politically weren’t really that stable and yet the police treated people very badly.

The rhythms, the vision and the techniques

Unlike rock which was highly mainstreamed and commercial that everyone started listing to it back in the days, punk music comes more as a rebellion concept against the social constraints in general. Punk is more known not for its riffs or the noisy strong instruments, but more for its words and the lyrical songwriting, which is mostly about the political and financial and the rebellion crisis. The vocalist themselves don’t sing as much as they are yelling or screaming trying to aggressively pass their messages. Punk music is mostly shortest than most musical tracks.


1. Punk anarchy

2. Before punk become punk

3. Punk – documentary

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