Saudi Gamers Con, 2018

Gamers Con is an entertainment event, organized by the General Entertainment Authority under a vision of 2030.

The exhibition is been organized and sponsored by HP company, and with OMEN, the company for computer and electronic games that are widespread in the exhibition, such as the devices that competitors play in the tournaments held there, or such as displaying games that have not yet been issued to the electronic market stores.

The event is mainly characterized by providing and presenting one of the games that have not yet been released in the gaming market, such as the game Jump Force, which is characterized by a large number of characters and easy to control and play with it, a game that will be released in 2019

As well as the most recent releases of the game, which is recognized by Arab players, after one of the players won first place in one of its championships. FIFA 2019

The event also showcases some other games expected in the coming year,.such as Man of maden and Ace combat.

In addition to providing effectiveness for Sony games, I also made sure to offer Nintendo games and Xbox games and assigned them complete sections.


In addition to the digital games, the exhibition organizers were also interested in card games and board games, and the game “Dungeons & Dragons board games” had the most attention after appearing in one of the episodes of the famous Netflix series “strange things”

The exhibition also attracted talent emerging from designers, painters, game and anime stores

In addition to being an opportunity in which a person can prove himself and introduce society to his accomplishments, such as “light studio” which was created by a group of girls specialized in computers and their work on designing and directing a game in full in the Apple and Google stores. The game is below.

Wejdan is a game developed and produced by the Patterns Studio
Patterns Studio

One of the emerging projects is also a game extreme project and their project idea works on the field of some people experience in the mechanical engineering of the computer and their design for game devices in which the storage space is compatible with the pieces and installations of computer equipment, which saves many players the trouble of researching and designing their own devices.

Visitors to the place are also distinguished by their wonderful costumes and magical skills they offer, and some of their mastery of the art of lightness and mock fighting.

The ways in which they were presented were also characterized by unique and modern style

In the end, games are considered one of the best ways to achieve the individual’s moral happiness because of his sense of achievement and the goals they presents.

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