Saudi Comic Con and the Social Meets-Up

Social events, among many other activities is what allows people to get to know more of whom they seem to have the same interests likethem. Besides the benefit it brings to the individual when they get to expand their social circles through those events, that what social events such as Saudi Comic Con seems to bring with it.

My first day on Saudi Comic Con was full of knowledge and life experience, because I have discovered that behind every picture is a story, and behind every project is a passion, and behind every passion is a project! And so, it seems like that the cartoon and the animation industry is expanding, including the great effort of the local artists, and the local magazines such as E3sar and the publishing houses in which they, among the new artists has devoted themselves to devolved the animation industry, which seems to pay off comparing to what it was like four or five years ago.

Among the official works as well, such as the Saudi company for Arabic comics ironix comix

DY4arm6XkAAgYFh.jpg large.jpg


As for magazines, one of the magazines has received The British export as its classification as the first Arab magazine concerned with animation.


Far from the professional level, I saw many people who reconcile their professions or studies with their creative talents that generate income for them, which reconciles them between the priority of the actual returns of the years of academic study, and the income of the material independence.



Lucky for me, I’ve found a newly opened store called “Hazly”, the goal of which I went to it is to see whither they have the comic of Alan Moore; V For Vendetta or not, that I thought it would be unlikely to be found there, but lucky enough I’ve found it, along with the interesting conversation that I’ve had with the seller. Here is an interview with Ali Musallam, the comic store owner

DY6OILbXkAA4zMM.jpg large

For the Japanese individuals who attended, and for the cultural exchange between The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Japan, there was a Japanese calligrapher fluent in the Arabic language and they directly communicate with the public. Along with one the stunningly decorated stores on there; Best of Japan.


“Hikari” store was one of the stores that has been formed, on cooperation between Japanese artists and Saudis spounsership.

In the end, I would like to mention that the exhibition has hosted the American actor Ian Somerhalder and he was interviewed by the youtuber Maher Mosli.


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