The Empire of Corpses, Project Itoh, 2015

The encouragement behind watching this movie was both because of the impact that the light novels, and anime, which named as No.6, both have an impact on me. It’s a dystopian state-person dilemma, with great character-building and development, and such intense history and literature figures. The so-called similarity between No.6 and The Empire of Corpses, got me watching the movie. I have been introduced afterward, to one of my favorite trilogies written by Project Itoh ever since.

If you are fond of detective stories in animes, you might find the movie quite similar to Black Butler. The movie’s sit of space and time is in the 19th century, during the conquest of the Great Britain of India. Both the protagonists are taking orders from such high authorities, just like Black Butler.

A scientist named Watson and his friend has a Hypothesis about the soul. This hypothesis says that the soul is the intense combination of thinking and the ability to use a language. With those two elements, it formed the fact which says that the most profound evidence of the existence of the soul, is both the ability to think, which can happen through the will of using the language.

Watson and his friend have promised each other, and they agree on having a certain method of proving that their experience has succeeded. So, Watson started making experiences on his friend’s body, regardless to mention that his friend was already dead.

The Science fiction part, and the historical references starts from here. The world, in the 1900s, is now so dependent on corpses in every single field; war soldiers, workers, services, and so for. The story begins with a man called Frankenstein who has known the way to revive the dead people. Frankenstein left a secret note about reviving the soul back, into those dead bodies.

Many countries, including Egypt, China, Russia, and Japan are trying to find those secret notes. While Watson was working secretly on making experiences on his friend’s body to revive his soul. He was attempting his experiences on secrecy; due to the dangerous circumstances he might run into it if he got caught. A number of authorities have found out about his experiences, and they threatened him, to either help them, or he will get killed.

Watson afterward started a journey with his dead friend into The British Empire in India, for the hope of finding these notes. and there, they found a man who will help them so much. At this time, a freakish thing happened. The corpses are suddenly uncontrolled and try to attack people and then they explode. At this time, we hear about someone named Karamazov and the literature reference of this name came from the Russian novel The Brothers Karamazov, written by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

The movie is slowly evolving afterward, and the tension and the center of the peak drama, is revolving around the new characters in the scene, and the main characters, namely Watson interact with those people. Philosophical topics such as the state of the soul, the nature of happiness and emptiness, and the impact of technology on people, are very fundamental topics and themes that has been discussed during the movie. Project Itoh had always had his own way of interpretation and manipulation of such historical and literary references, so well used in his novels.

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